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Think COVID-19 has ruined your chance to do the work that means the most to you? Think again…

The most powerful advocacy tool is the one that empowers you to say, “Hell no.”

What would you do with a get-out-of-jail free card if I gave you one?


From someone who is not only a teacher, but also helped build a LI masterclass for professionals, which sold for $3000 per seat. This time of pandemic, bringing this to the people I know need it most, affordable.

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Would you like to.../Wish you could/or &c. ...?

I’m Ashley Nance, multiple state-certified special education teacher and entrepreneur, and here’s what this is all about.

Can you remember the moment you “became” a teacher? The first spark for me was when I asked a nonverbal 8-year-old an open-ended question and he answered me verbally--twice in a row!

I knew then that I would make every sacrifice I had to that moment, and more again, if only it meant I could help him use his voice one more time.

In that moment, I knew what it meant to teach.

Here’s what else I know: the sinking feeling when I realized my family size had just outgrown my teaching salary, and with my husband’s career then in a nasty reversal, the onus was going to be on me to make the ends meet.

It’s one thing to have a professor sit you down in a college class, and warn you that you don’t go into teaching to be paid well (or be appreciated); to wrestle with that, and accept it philosophically.

It’s another thing to face the implications when it feels like fate just gave you a choice between the career you love, and the well-being of your family.

That moment was painful for me, but it vaulted this dewy-eyed young educator into the world of business. And that was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

My time in business taught me the true “market value” of the skills I’d developed as a teacher. It forced me to learn new skills that, as a teacher, would never even have occurred to me: How to market myself. How to network. How to negotiate.

But the moment that led to the single greatest leap in growth was when I brought all these skills together on LinkedIn. My reach, my opportunities, my impact--all of it--once I built up my LinkedIn presence, everything expanded exponentially. It was like whole worlds of opportunity opened up that I’d never even dreamed of.

I could network my way into all the flexible, part-time work I wanted--including some truly amazing projects like:

  • Writing $1000 professional resumes for corporate executives
  • Designing and marketing professional courses that sold for thousands of dollars per seat
  • Writing a single-issue sales letter that--with one envelope and one stamp--brought in $40,000 worth of work
  • Moderating the foremost Facebook group for educators looking to make a real difference in the world

Eventually, I had to learn to say “no” just to save time for being truly present “at home.”

I got to spend my time “home” teaching my own kids--doing the kind of 1:1 and small group instruction I fell in love with in college.

And I realized, with overwhelming gratitude: I hadn’t left teaching behind at all. I’d stumbled, almost by accident, on the secret to making a dream career out of it. Somehow, I’d discovered the very best of both worlds.

But I’d also discovered a position of strength. I had a strong network and options for work around every corner!

For the first time in my life, if someone tried to shift their workload to me “for free,” or to coerce me into doing something I believed was wrong, I could tell them to go play in traffic.

My network had become the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card.

I’d never even imagined I’d need that as a teacher. But here it gave me power--power to stand up for myself, colleagues and customers when I saw someone being abused.

It’s a power I’ve used a lot.

It’s a power I desperately want you and every other teacher to have, right now.

For you and me and every teacher, the Coronavirus is more than a public health crisis. It’s an unmasking of assumptions and attitudes about teaching that strikes at the heart of what this profession is all about.

Could you ever have guessed in your college days you’d live to see a dystopia where:

You would be suddenly furloughed or haphazardly dumped into “virtual instruction,“ only to then be declared so “essential” you had to go to work--even when precautions are clearly inadequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (But if anyone gets sick, it’s your fault…)

Districts got millions of dollars to disinfect classrooms, yet janitorial staff there “get around” to cleaning up maybe every other day.

Teachers got only one bottle of hand sanitizer or one canister of clorox wipes per month to clean an entire classroom after every class.

[Meme here: Presumably teachers will just pay for this out of their own pockets, like they do with other school supplies.]

Some districts required teachers to keep coming even after known exposure to COVID (but, quarantined from family, friends, church, etc.--because that makes sense) “until they develop symptoms,” essentially reducing every teacher to a glorified “canary in a coal mine.”

Other districts’ reopening plans were so bad teachers wondered out loud if administrators were trying for an outbreak, just to get out of starting up again.

Parents actually planned to “just not disclose” if their children tested positive--to “keep the numbers down.”

In other words, where teachers and teaching would be so disposable they’d be willing to potentially throw away not only your life and that of your family, but also those of your students and their vulnerable family members as well?

But it’s all true! And it’s happening to us!

I know teachers who would not flinch in a live shooter situation. They are flinching now.

Yet the moment you dare speak up for your students, to advocate for the vulnerable--you’re labelled “selfish” and “greedy”--and sometimes worse things than that.

Your contract is held over your head like a cracking bullwhip to compel compliance--and in many places, even the unions are complicit with this!

Meanwhile, those who have given the longest and often the best service to their schools are forced to choose between losing their livelihood, benefits, and retirement--everything they had after years of devoted service--or risk dying from infection.

Clearly, loyalty has become a sucker’s game.

[Meme: Lose my retirement, die of want; keep my retirement, die of COVID]

And for what? So those who see teachers as nothing but babysitting service for the country’s urchins can get the “real workers” back to the grind of their own 8-5 jobs? []

The bureaucratic types running the show think they hold all the cards. They’ve mistaken our spirit of self-sacrifice for weakness.

They’ve been able to flatter, bully, shame, or gaslight teachers to “get with the program” in the past--all on the pretense that “these students need us.”

And now these same people--whose primary concern is clearly something other than students’ well-being (or ours, or our families’)--think the same trick will work again.

In fact, they’re counting on it.

But they’re wrong. They’re wrong because this time, they’re not actually asking us to make one more “sacrifice” for our students. They’re not asking us to “take another hit” to protect a young person, “because they need us.”

Now they’ve stripped even that ruse from us.

This time, they’re just ordering us to throw these kids under the bus.

And it’s so utterly, repulsively against our unspoken code, to have to tell a traumatized 7 year old who needlessly got COVID in our classroom, and passed it to a loved grandparent, “It’s not your fault,” that teachers who have taken every other abuse with gritted teeth are finally just done.

Hard no. Sorry-not-sorry.

Because no. Teachers aren’t weak, selfish, greedy, or anything else. We’re advocates. And today, advocacy means having the power to tell the powers that be: “Go play in traffic.”

That power won’t come from the three months’ savings it takes to find a new teaching job--they’ve made sure we don’t have even that to spare.

But it will come from seeing clearly “the system” doesn’t have a monopoly on the work you care about--that you have options outside the system.

From knowing you’re surrounded by a network of people ready to help you switch jobs, switch careers, or even, if necessary, build something entirely new from the ground up.

From having options to negotiate with, or--if push comes to shove--to replace the benefits and retirement your administration so blithely threatens to steal from you.

From having the ability to say, with confidence, “I will take my valuable skills elsewhere before I help you hurt these kids.”

So, let me ask you this question:

If I gave you a get-out-of-jail-free card, right now, what would you do with it?

  • Find a job in a better district?
  • Start a business?
  • Work from home?
  • Freelance for businesses that pay well and appreciate your skills?
  • Help your children with their own remote learning?
  • Travel the world?
  • Sleep for a year?
  • Do what you’re doing now, but with teeth?

What would you do?

Because here’s the thing: As I discovered during my years in business, once you have a network and a fallback plan--a credible nuclear option--the “powers that be” no longer hold the cards. And whether you ultimately decide to stay or go, that changes how you carry yourself, how you move through the world, how you breathe, now.

It changes the words you choose and the tone of your voice as you explain--again--that:

  • According to CDC guidelines, I should be able to open the windows currently locked in my classroom.
  • Danny needs to be assessed for dyslexia.
  • I’ll complete that paperwork as soon as we’ve both signed a compensation agreement for the extra work outside my contract.
  • 10 inches between desks is not the same as 6 feet.
  • You told us our classrooms would be deep-cleaned nightly.
  • Christina should not have been advanced to third grade, and she needs a dedicated tutor paid for by the school.
  • Playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” from the school PA system will not protect me or my students from contracting COVID.

I know you don’t have years to figure this out.

I know your mental and physical health won’t hold out that long.

I know you need more than hope and positive thinking to get you out of the trenches and into the light.

[faith hope pixie dust]

That’s why I’ve built an at-your-own-pace video course to give you the sweetened-condensed version of all the LinkedIn networking skills you need to get started.

[gif or meme. Acrobat looking serene doing stuff on the computer?]

I’ve bent over backwards to make this training digestible, actionable, and affordable, so anyone can take the course and start benefiting from it right away.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Three Modules with 3-5 video lessons each that you can watch at your own pace. (If your pace is a sprint, you could reasonably pound all three modules in a day.) Specifically:
    • Module 1: Choose Your Adventure: Decide what you want your new career to look like (even if you can’t even guess right now).
    • Module 2: Get Visible: Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile to job magnet status (without making your current admin suspicious).
    • Module 3: Raise Your Voice: Communicate and connect online as the educated professional you are (even if the business world seems foreign to you).
  • Specific tips for your situation, whether you want to teach a different way, get a job outside the classroom, or start your own business.
  • Printable PDF worksheets and checklists to help you stay organized.
  • Bonus: Recordings of video interviews I’ve done with recruiters from various industries.
  • Bonus: Recordings of mini-courses on what profiles to follow on LinkedIn and others I come up with in responses to FAQs that arise.
  • Bonus: Unlimited email support from yours truly.
  • Bonus: Whatever else I can come up with - or convince my well-connected LinkedIn friends to contribute - at no extra charge.

Oh, and for this round only, I’m also including

  • One Live Group Profile Review so you can get live feedback on the work you put into your LinkedIn profile and messaging, and
  • Forever access to all future versions of the class so the price you pay today will allow you to access and reference the current content, as well as new tips and LinkedIn feature updates, for the lifetime of the course, no matter how many times I raise the price for new students.

This is where I stopped reading

Price: $97

That’s right: For less than 2 weeks of your favorite brand of coffee. [?] (Less than the price of [])


  • 3x live Q&A [as bonus]
    • An hour of my consulting time is worth [], and you get 3 hours in a group to pick my brain--get targeted help on problems you’re facing, and learn answers to problems you hadn’t even thought of!

Now, the truth is, this course isn’t for everyone. If you already have an airtight strategy, an ace up your sleeve for handling this, a lot of this will probably be redundant for you.

But if the recent revelations of just how low some people and some districts will stoop to bully teachers have convinced you that working “with” the system like you have in the past is going to reduce you into an accomplice, rather than an advocate--or even threaten your own or loved ones’ lives--you know you need a get-out-of-jail card in your hand.

If your heart and conscience are driving you to another district, another profession, going into business for yourself, or just to be able to “bluff” with some real teeth, you know you’ve already started the journey toward the respect you and your profession deserve.

And if, like many others, you’ve promised yourself that this is your year--your last year teaching--you know that commitment to yourself is something you must keep, and not on my account. If you stand for this treatment even one more day without taking a step toward the way out - blessedly, decisively, permanently out - your mental health may not make it through this year.

You don’t have to play by “their” rules. The only thing standing between you and the ability to confidently stand up to power is the toolset I’ve described here. I’ve lived it. It works. All you need now are the tools--the network--you need to forge ahead with confidence.

In my experience, it takes about a year from the time you get started to really get confident and build out a solid network--which means if you start now, you’ll be well positioned by the end of the year. But that clock doesn’t start ticking until you take the first step--of getting yourself out on LinkedIn.

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to build up a LinkedIn presence that has garnered the respect of major influencers across several industries...

Hope is starting a new day knowing you get to come first now.

Results come from taking that hope out of bed with you and getting stuff done!

Resume Masterclass for teachers [$97]

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Video course


BUMP: [$50]

3x live Q&A

Live 1:1

LI Masterclass teaches crucial skills everyone needs. It becomes your online resume and the core of your networking strategy.

But depending on the job you want, you may also need a resume. [Many of the teachers I interact with also need…]

[Story] I paid two people $97 before I realized I could do better myself--which is what started me writing resumes; one of them put the format so I couldn’t edit it; titled my cover letter as resume--so I mistakenly applied with it, thus shooting my job prospects in the foot. You don’t need that--and you won’t get it from me.

This class builds on the skills you learn in the LI Masterclass:

  • How to translate your skills into compelling case. Business leaders want.
  • How to target locate your dream job.
  • How to identify marketable skills (sometimes feels like you haven’t done anything), group into strengths; make your resume tell a story
  • How to turn what you’ve already done--not just in teaching, but in your hobbies, school, groups, annoying administrative tasks, &c.
  • Avoid the trap of “settling” for another abusive environment.
  • Set yourself up for success from the get-go.
  • Right mentality.
  • Craft the language.

But for $97 [same price as my hack-job rookies cost me] this class goes deeper into how to construct an ink-on-paper resume or CV that looks and feels amazing to your ideal new employer,

  • Learn to write a top notch resume for the price of getting one done for you by a beginner
  • walks you step by step from blank sheet of paper to a document that represents you and everything you’ve accomplished/
  • Understand exactly what employers are looking for in a resume, so you know what you’re aiming at
  • How to format so your resume marks you as not a rookie/doesn’t set off red flags.
  • How to leverage your resume and LI together to get the best possible outcomes
  • When you hold it in your hands, you just plain feel like you’ve accomplished something meaningful in your life; heft of what you’ve accomplished in your life.
  • The secret to learning from feedback to improve your resume[?]
  • Makes resume writing into an act of self-care [Carrie Twigg] that allows you to advocate more powerfully for those in your heart to help...
  • [What else? This feels sparser.]

[Why is the Q&A not part of the $97?]

[Here: PDFs, Email support, same forever access policy.]

I can’t promise you’ll get every job you apply to; but I can...

If you really need to hit the bullseye, need additional help, for $50 you can have access to 3 live Q&A trainings, PLUS an hour of my time, one-on-one, to fine-tune the crafting of the document, make sure it is casting you in the very best light, and make absolutely sure it makes you look like someone an employer would be proud to hire.

  • When you hold it in your hands, you just plain feel like you’ve accomplished something meaningful in your life; heft of what you’ve accomplished in your life.

You can do this.

Offer Wall:

Upsell: DFY Resume [$450]

DFY LI [$450]

DFY Both [$597]

[Also push this as the upsell in email campaigns post hoc]

Sometimes you just need it done, now. If that’s you, I don’t want to leave you hanging.


Priority attention from me or one of my incredibly talented assistants/clear the schedule

Quick turnaround [timeframe?]

Finished product you can feel proud of.

In an easy-to-update format, so you have total control of the finished product.

(Guarantee:) Impressed, or you get a redo

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One click upsell to Resume class, if not purchased.

We took this job to serve and protect children


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